Teacher And Pupil Caught Having Sex

In Education & Science, Law on October 6, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

A junior high school teacher in the Czech town of Kladno (about 30 miles from Prague) was caught having sex with a 14 year-old pupil in school building, and news severs report. The 34 year-old woman was fired immediately and she has a restraining order forbidding her to enter the school premises.

According to several testimonies from students the two had a regular affair that started months ago during a school field trip. The students knew that their teacher is having sex with one of the students but they didn’t know which one until last week. I told you it was him, two girls argued in front of journalists.

Sex experts are mostly convinced that the boy’s mental condition should be OK. Boys are sexually mature at that age, they know what intercourse is, one of them was quoted as saying. The other thing is how he will treat his future girlfriend who will be of the same age as him, the doctor added.

The woman, though, will not be okay. If convicted of multiple charges, she can spend even 10 years in prison.

UPDATE OCTOBER 7: According to the most recent penal code amendment the age of sexual consent could be fourteen instead of fifteen, since the legal age for criminal prosecution liability should also be dropped from 15 to 14 due to constant increase of juvenile crime.


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