Unemployment Decreasing Rapidly. Thousands Of Experts Missing

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Thousands of Czech boys, when they are four to six years old, want to become garbage men. They like the way the rugged guys handle the huge trash cans and containers. And they like the fact that Czech garbage men, unless it is twenty below zero, ride on the back of the car. Just like in most countries. But then the boys grow up and many of them realize that it is still quite advantageous for some people not to work and stay home as a social benefit recipient who only pretends to be trying to find a job.

The Labor Minister [the link is in English] wants to end this: a person who is unemployed and who for no legitimate reason refuses a job that is found and offered to them by the Labor Office will lose their benefits [“social support”]. Political correctness aside: it is to teach those who can really be called lazy bastards. There are thousands of people who DO WORK for close-to-minimum wage and their pay slip figure is only a bit higher than than of a person who does not move a muscle. It is anything but fair to them that two people “make the same money” but only one of them actually works.

On a related topic, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is lower than the EU average, according to the most recent EUROSTAT figures. The EU 27 average is 6.7 whereas the Czech figure is 5.3.

Analyst Helena Horska from Raiffeisenbank says in financial news server article that “there are three applicants for every job opening on the market”. However some industry sectors experience a tragic lack of personnel because the schools do not produce enough graduates, especially light and heavy industry professionals, like welders…

Technical high schools received some negative publicity in late 1990’s when there was the general mood in the Czech Republic that kids should study high schools from which they could go straight to universities. Everybody wanted to have a college/university degree, among the “most wanted” professions were lawyer, doctor, or economist. The lack of interest in “jobs in one has to use their hands” led to many special high schools being closed. And now the professions are “most wanted” and there is nobody who would work in them… Experts who use their hands and not brains [in the first place, that is] are missing…

Back to the job market situation >> people who have been looking for a job for many months with no luck should focus their attention to the “most wanted” professions. There are hundreds of re-qualification training possibilities. If there are vacancies in these jobs for a longer period of time, it is going to be the most significant sign that some people really do not want to work. And it will be the number 1 proof that the Labor Minister is about to do the right thing.  


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  1. After reading through the article, I feel that I really need more info. Can you suggest some resources ?

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