Bookseller Violates Labor Act

In Law on October 9, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

A leading Brno bookseller Bavic & Novotny most definitely discriminates people who might apply for a job, by which it violates the Labor Act. It has posted a job offer on its window display, in which it says “Vital female pensioner wanted for a part-time substitution for a maternity leave employee”.

It is against the law to discriminate job applicants based on age and sex. By wanting “pensioner” the employer eliminates people under 65, by wanting “female pensioner” [in Czech the gender aspect is expressed by appropriate suffix of a noun] it discriminates men.

The Labor Office investigations in similar cases usually find out that the wording of these ads is unfortunate but there is no negative intent involved…

I wonder what this will turn into…

[I will make an inquiry at the Labor Office and we might even turn this issue into a news article]

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