Racist Remarks Silenced TV Soccer Coverage

In Media, Sports on October 9, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Usually when you watch a soccer match on TV you hear crowds in the background. This was not the case of Monday Czech League match between Sparta Prague and Slavia Prague.

Few minutes before the end of the match Sparta fans started to yell racist remarks Jude Slavia [Jewish Slavia], news server reports today. The Czech Television Sport News director ordered microphones in the stadium be turned off so that only commentators were heard.

The TV’s Sport News Director warned Sparta that if its fans do not start to behave themselves there will be no more live coverage/broadcast of Sparta matches.

Can he do it? Sure thing. Czech Television is a public service TV [like PBS, sort of] so money is not the number one aspect. On the contrary, there are special provision in the broadcasting law as to what things should not be heard on TV. Ironically, under certain circumstances Czech TV could be fined for “letting” it happen. There is no way they can bleep it…


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