Switched At Birth: The Story Continues – UPDATE

In Law, Life on October 10, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

The two families whose two daughters were switched at birth and have spent the last ten months being raised by a wrong mother have several plans how to solve this situation without risking severe psychological problems of the girls [see the continuous update of the story in one of previous posts].

One of the plans is to build houses next to each other so that the families would live close to one another and so that the girls would grow up together. The families want to sue the hospital so they could use the money that the court orders the hospital to pay. And it is almost for sure they will get some.

About 30 hospital employees will be questioned by the police. One of the fathers brought interesting evidence: photos of his newborn daughter that proves that she did not have a number written on her leg – a number that would match her with her mom…previously the doctors testified that no such mix-up is possible because the mothers and newborn babies are numbered…Not true, obviously…

The families spent the last weekend together. The four of them were trying to think of the best way how to switch the babies back…before December 9.

UPDATE OCTOBER 11: The director of the hospital said this morning that he knows who is to blame and the identity of the person, who will most definitely go to jail, will be revealed today as well…

UPDATE OCTOBER 12: Seven employees were marked as guilty today.Two nurses and five other employees, among them unspecified number of MD’s. One nurse was fired immediately. Two employees will get a two-month notice. Other two will be re-assigned.

It is not over yet. This is the result of internal investigation. The police still investigates criminal liability, as one of the nurses might spend 10 years in prison. 

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