Woman Gave Up Her Apartment Building

In Czechs on October 10, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

A 60 year-old woman from Brno gave up her “valuable possession” – an apartment building with 13 apartments. She had no energy to fight with bureaucrats so she “gave the house” to the city.


The house belonged to her family before 1948 when the new communist regime confiscated it. She got it back because of the “restitution laws”. Finally, she thought.

As soon as she became the owner of her family’s apartment building again, gas, water and sanitation companies visited her. They brought  her new invoices, new contracts, new deals. She had to have a new fire inspection done, for which she of course had to pay. She became responsible for everything. In order to sleep well at night, she would have to invest hundreds of thousands.


She got the house back with the tenants. With tenants who had deeds to their apartments in which it said that the rent can’t be increased. They lived in big apartments for tiny regulated rent that would hardly cover normal expenses related to the house.

Some of the residents did not behave very well. She could not have them evicted because the deeds were for unlimited time.

After four months she went to the Housing Department at the city hall and voluntarily gave up her house. Take it back, she said to the officials.

Has anybody seen legal state around here?

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