American Shows Would Use Re-Dubbing

In Language on October 15, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Czech TV station Nova airs many U.S. sitcoms, among them Married With Children. According to my knowledge it is the third re-run. Which means the Czech dubbing was made in mid 1990’s when the experience with dubbing was not as great and the translators were mostly people who were “book-taught”.

And so, in today’s episode I noticed FOUR factual errors that occurred due to the lack of experience of the translator with the American reality.

The most ridiculous error: it is obvious that Bud Bundy is a high school student because he is getting ready for a prom, yet the limo driver (in Czech dubbing) when mentioning HIGH SCHOOL students is translated as UNIVERSITY. Why? Simply because in word-by-word translation the English HIGH SCHOOL means VYSOKA SKOLA in CZECH. And VYSOKA SKOLA is UNIVERSITY.

So a translator THOUGHT HE KNEW. Shame…


2 Responses to “American Shows Would Use Re-Dubbing”

  1. There are several instances of factual & many errors even in shows dubbed by latest team of dubbing.

    It is mainly due to high vol. of dubbing & non-existant of Quality Control after premlinary dubbing whereby a competent QC director can point such over-sights.

    In a dubbing process a Quality controller is very important at studios team & at clients team as well.This ensures the end product is clear of such mistakes.

    Media Movers, Inc.

  2. […] Czech Daily Word reports on the need to re-dub English-language shows dubbed for the Czech TV back in the early 1990s. […]

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