TV Nova Ignored British Protocol

In Media on October 18, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

TV Nova has its ups and downs just like any other company. But when the news department has its downs, these “downs” are usually huge problems.

People of TV Nova often pat themselves on the back and yell to the world that they are the best. And then there comes  news reporter Marketa Holatova [by the way: she cooked up a story about five years ago and was fired immediately] who does a story on Nicholas Winton. She wanted to sound cool and professional but she made a complete idiot out of herself.

She kept addressing Nicholas Winton and she referred to him as “Sir Winton”. However the worldwide protocol orders that these people be addressed by their first name, or FULL name, not just the last name. So it’s SIR NICHOLAS, not Sir Winton.

One look at Wikipedia and she could have saved her embarrassment.

On the other hand, average TV Nova viewer is not that bright and demanding to mind…Shame.


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