Three Men And A Magic Mushroom

In Czechs on October 24, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

A few days ago here in Brno, three college students picked about 100 magic mushrooms and decided to prepare tea. They drank about one tea mug each. And they got sick…

All perfectly well until now. Everyone is responsible for their own actions when it comes to not-so-serious drugs. Experiment all you want as long as you’re not dealing and trafficking.

…the boys got sick and called an ambulance. And under the influence of the drug they were rude and a little violent towards the paramedics. And the generous Czech healthcare system saturated the whole experiment. One of the reasons being that social and health insurance for kids and students under 26 is paid by the state.

This is the sickest thing about the Czech social and health system: irresponsible idiots can be as irresponsible as they want and mostly the costs involved with healing them and putting them together are covered by some kind of budget. Either the state budget or health insurance companies’.

Take the boys, for example. If anyone voluntarily consumes drugs or alcohol, they should not be entitled to any emergency medical help if they get overdosed. Well, or drunk. Drunkenness is not a medical condition. And yet – those three fuck-ups received the same level of medical treatment as a person whose medical condition is not their fault.

As of January 1 Czechs will pay fees [aside from their medical insurance] for every doctor’s office visit, for every prescription, as well as for every day they spend in a hospital.

It is about time… 


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