Foreigners Smell, A Petition Claims

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Czech employees of Foxconn IT company in the Czech town of Pardubice are signing a petition against their fellow workers from Eastern Europe (the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, or Belarus), the Pardubicky denik daily informed today.

The authors of the petition claim that the hygiene habits and standards of these foreigners are “terrible”. Among the examples they mention is that the foreigners often throw used toilet paper to wastebaskets, instead to the toilet bowl.

The company now has 6,500 employees, of this number more than 2,000 are foreigners.

The management promises to expand the bathrooms and to teach foreign employees local cultural habits. 


3 Responses to “Foreigners Smell, A Petition Claims”

  1. […] – or so it seems to the Czech employees of Foxconn IT company in Pardubice, The Czech Daily Word reports. Share […]

  2. True, Ukraine has a long way to go to become fit for EU membership.

    But now that Ukraine is independent, putting THE in front of UKRAINE — as opposed to THE CZECH REPUBLIC and THE NETHERLANDS — sounds bad Ukrainians. Culturally speaking, it’s UKRAINE, not THE UKRAINE:)

  3. Excuse me, but speaking in hygiene habits the Czechs have a long way too, i´m from South Europe and i have lived in Czech Republic it was really difulct to get used to the smell, at the mediterranean countrys we get bath and change our clothes every day it’s basic, but major of the czechs don´t.

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