UPDATE: Deputy PM Jiri Cunek (About To Be) Sacked

In Politics on November 1, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Czech PM called a press conference for noon today at which he will most definitely announce the resignation of Deputy PM Jiri Cunek.

Many years ago Cunek applied for and received welfare benefits despite the fact that he had about 3 million in a bank. Cunek is so far unable to provide a legitimate and a reasonable explanation.

Details to come, meanwhile here is a Czech News Agency story via the Prague Daily Monitor

UPDATE LATER ON THAT DAY:In the afternoon Jiri Cunek made his statement during a special press conference, announcing his resignation as of the next Wednesday [regular weekly meeting of the Cabinet]. As the main reason [which is quite funny] he stated that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office is yet again opening one of his previous “corruption cases”. Which means that he DID NOT RESIGN because of the welfare abuse scandal that surfaced this week. For some reason he maintains that he didn’t do anything illegal.

And of course, he added that the recent issue is a media plot against him. Czech politicians always say this even in situations when they obviously DID something [like an MP who was caught DUI].


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