Went To An Underground Club

In Culture, Personal on November 2, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

This is what happens when a mainstream type of a guy who likes modern architecture cafes and clubs goes to something that might be called the last underground club in Brno.

The two reasons I went are two my ex-colleagues. Haven’t seen them for quite a while and given I like spending time with them I think I would say yes even if they invited me to a folklore festival. I hate folklore.

You have to be prepared that in such clubs that look alternative and that are located in a basement will be full of smoke. It is kind of ironic that clubs that can’t be ventilated because they do not have a single window allow smoking, whereas many others that have huge windows often ban smoking altogether.

The walls are covered with the typical “world memorabilia”: there is an Ontario license plate. A road sign from the former Yugoslavia. Or a sign in French that says Do Not Pee On The Toilet Seat. Seriously. If you are the kind of person who judges people based on the first impression, you’d think that the CV’s of these people would fit on a tram ticket…

Vodka and juice cost 50 CZK (right now some $2.20).

The live alternative “big-beat” band was okay. Not really my cup of tea but I went for the experience. If I wanted my cup of tea I would have to look really hard to find out the nearest gig of Melee or The Rasmus or Maroon 5. The frontman kept promoting crowd [yeah, right] participation by walking among tables and beer drinkers and singing with them.

Some two dogs were running back and forth.

Some of the audience members look homeless. Terribly. One of them had a Che beard and attire. But then he took out a digital camera and he took a picture of the band.

My aforementioned friend asked me whether I was going to sip one vodka and juice all night. Yeah, I was gonna because I am getting up at six tomorrow [well, today, in terms of this blog].

While the clubs that I am used to look nice [which does not mean they are Paris Hilton-esque expensive] and people want to have fun AND be seen socializing, this underground club looked like an escape place. Like a semi-legal thing where you can smoke weed and dance terribly and nobody cares.

Try the dance moves that I saw last night in any above-ground club in Brno and you’ll be banned for life.

On the way home I was wondering: how do these people who obviously get drunk manage to climb these thirty steps? And how do they hail a cab in this neighborhood?


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