Two Men And Their Ferrari

In Sports on November 7, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

In September 2003 hockey player Dany Heatley wanted to show his friend Dan Snyder his Ferrari. He crashed into a wall. And Snyder died.

In 2007 Czech soccer star Milan Baros wanted to show his friend how his black Ferrari roars at a high speed. On a French freeway he was doing 271 kph. The speed limit is 130 kph.

There was a radar. Baros was clocked and the police seized his car. He will most definitely pay a fine.

But he deserves much more. He deserves to end up in jail and to be kicked from the Czech national team. A person who goes twice the speed limit just to hear the engine roar is more dangerous than a DUI driver who is going 50 kph curb to curb. At the speed of 271 kph the braking distance is so long that if something had happened on the road (deer, squirrel, bump on the road…) Baros wouldn’t even need to brake. He would most definitely die anyway.

Soccer players who want to be on the national team do not behave this way. It is not acceptable to keep such people on the team and to ask hooligans to behave themselves at the same time. What message are you sending to people if one of the eleven guys with Czech flags on their red t-shirts behaves like a totally irresponsible idiot who does not hesitate to endanger normal people in normal cars?

Baros did 271 kph. People who go 271 at 130 speed limit freeway are idiots. Get it?

He might be sentenced to community or charity work. Please, NO!!! It is not punishment. A celebrity who is sentenced to this activity has both tabloid and quality press photographers behind their assess 24/7. They make the front pages and the media create the image of a responsible person who learned their lesson. Whereas they do the same things normal volunteers do as well. And noone has ever written a front page article about volunteers.

Baros deserves to end up in jail. A few months behind bars and he has problems “at work”, he loses sponsors and he loses his skills. Some of them. That is a fair price for turning a normal freeway into one of the most dangerous test-drive circuits.


4 Responses to “Two Men And Their Ferrari”

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  2. Baros belongs in jail, no doubt…soccer, the sport of actors, has it share of idiots thinking they are above the law.

  3. […] Bokuvka of The Czech Daily Word argues that the Czech football star who was caught driving his Ferrari at more than twice the 130km/h […]

  4. I live in France. I have to observe the laws here, as I do when I visit Prague or Brno, and I am no international soccer player.
    Your comments are accurate. Had this been a French citizen, he would have been treated very differently. A minimum of six months in prison, an €11000 fine and confiscation of a Maserati, was recently the sentence for a French anaesthetist, for the same, stupidity, who promptly lost his job.

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