Police To Guard The Hitler Household

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One of the most favorite theaters in Brno – HaDivadlo – seeks police assistance. On today’s program it has a play consisting of six short stories from the life of Adolf Hitler, called The Hitler Household (Doma u Hilteru). And since it is the anniversary of the Crystal Night, the play might be guarded by the police, the Brnensky Denik daily writes.

Well, why not. Given that the police usually guard football matches where some people come to fight it is reasonable to expect that some people might visit a play just to try their Nazi salute skills along with the people on the stage. And as you can see from the photo from a rehearsal if you follow the link above [at least I can now, maybe it was replaced in the meantime] it does take place…

Today hundreds of fans of a far-right party should march through the Jewish Quarters in Prague. The police expect big trouble. Rock throwing, tear gas, riot units [Link to a Ha’aretz article in English].

Update expected, based on how ugly it gets.


One Response to “Police To Guard The Hitler Household”

  1. Saw some video on BBC World this evening. It did get a tad ugly. Funny how the anti-fascists seemed far more violent than the Fascists. Two sides of the very same coin?

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