Jan Svejnar, The Future President?

In Politics on November 11, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

There is an excellent article on CBS website about University of Michigan Professor Jan Svejnar, who might be running for president of the Czech Republic next year.

In this country presidents are elected by the Parliament, rather than the general public. Which I think is stupid. Which I think is the reason why Svejnar is going to refuse the offer to be the Green Party candidate in the end… He knows in advance that as a candidate he must please and convince more parties across the political scene.

I am sure that after so many years in the States Svejnar knows very well that this is not the kind of policy one can be proud of.

My bet: 85:15 is is not gonna run….


One Response to “Jan Svejnar, The Future President?”

  1. Bad mistake if he does run. Albright was also a bad idea. Still, if Svejnar wins, then social unrest will follow, as surely as you can say “Saakashvili”.

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