Brand New Buses In Brno. For How Long?

In Life on November 14, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

The Brno Public Transportation Authority recently bought five Citelis buses. Wheelchair-accessible, great design, enough room for standing passengers. There are even two LCD screens that display information about delays, detours etc.

It has become a tradition in Brno that new public transportation vehicles do not stay undamaged for very long. There are gangs of punks who use glass-cutting diamonds and other sharp objects to carve their tags on windows. From what I have recently heard more than 70 percent of trams are damaged in this way. Don’t know about buses, though.

I think Czech laws are very mild when it comes to punishing people who damage things just for fun. I would be totally in favor of implementing some Singapore or Saudi Arabia [? – hope I don’t offend anybody there] laws that involve corporal punishment to these people. You damage a 15-million tram, they will cut your finger off…Why the hell not? If someone felt like they “had a reason” to vandalize a tram, the reason for cutting their finger off might be just as legitimate.

Right now the Prague Municipality decided to increase public transportation fares, that will be higher than those in New York City – when re-calculated to average salaries. It is perfectly legitimate reason to increase fares if the public transport authorities say they have to invest a lot of money into service and repair. Yeah, you destroy it, you will pay for it. It is hard to carve your name into a tram window with your forefinger missing…

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