The Marriage Paradox

In Personal, Politics on November 18, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

I am seriously thinking about getting married during a holiday on some tropical island. Somewhere in the Caribbean, on the Seychelles etc. Such a ceremony might be 10,000 times more romantic than a typical Czech one that includes a question from the celebrant “whether the couple knows their health conditions and whether they are getting married voluntarily”.

But hey, we have a problem here… [and by we I don’t mean we but we in general]…

Whereas ambassadors, charge d’affaires and other such envoys DO have the powers to celebrate weddings, HONORARY CONSULS do not.

Most tropical paradise island countries do not have such international relations with the Czech Republic that would be on the ambassadorial level. What a paradox. Where else would you want to get married in a foreign country than on an island?

UPDATE: One of my best girl friends read this post two hours after I had written it. Her reaction? Think! If you want to get married on the Seychelles, where are you gonna go for your honeymoon? I know! To the Czech Republic! The next day after the wedding you can pack and go home.  Ha ha.

WHICH REMINDS ME: Former Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek married his girlfriend this weekend. It took place in a luxurious hotel that is said to be owned by Paroubek’s close friend. The whole thing cost about 120,000 [$6,000], Czech news agency wrote.


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