The Paroubek Wedding Daze

In Politics on November 19, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Disclaimer: I’ll have you know that it is only a coincidence that there are two posts in a row that deal with the issue of marriage and weddings. :))

Every time I think of former PM Jiri Paroubek, my blood starts to boil. This man shows absolutely no tact, no dignity, no nothing. His girlfriend slash new wife once said that “the most sexy thing about him is his brain”. From his behavior, however, I would say Paroubek only has half a heart and half a brain. He is not credible, he is not believable. He would sue former MP’s of his party because they decided to defect but once a opposition party MP decided to do the same he laughed at it, saying that the opposition party chairman must be very weak…

Paroubek got married last weekend. On the way to the ceremony he used a chauffeured car that he is entitled to as a senior opposition leader.  The car went 200 kph and it crossed double solid line repeatedly. And what did Paroubek say? I slept the whole time, I did not see anything.

What kind of an IDIOT falls asleep on the way to his wedding???? A normal guy would get almost no sleep for two nights in a row — that is how excited he would be.

If Paroubek was a fair guy, which he is not, he could have said HE had driven the car, and he could have paid the fine.


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