Food Coupons To The Unemployed: It Works!!!

In Culture on November 21, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Good-bye, the loving and caring and sharing social state. I am not going to miss you at all.

Some labor offices (or municipalities, for that matter) in Northern Moravia, i.e. the Czech region with the second highest unemployment rate started to give the unemployed food coupons instead of money. It was not a total change, of course. Let’s just say the unemployed are receiving 60 percent of their unemployment benefits in the form of money, whereas the remaining forty comes as food coupons.

And it WORKS!!!! Because the authorities report that after this change had taken place a few dozen people came to the labor office and actually FOUND A JOB. Well, DUH, once you have food coupons instead of money, you can no longer buy alcohol, cigarettes, jewellery and other things.

This change has proved that the unemployed were using the benefits, i.e. money from the pockets of those who actually work, to buy things they don’t need.

And it is the best proof there is that these people who had to find jobs had been just lazy asses who had gotten used to the fact that they could have money for no effort.

According to the most recent figures the unemployment rate is plummeting.

And according to my beliefs no healthy man should sit at home and stare into the wall. Or worse yet, watch soaps on his new LCD TV he bought thanks to the unemployment benefits. By the way, a certain politician once said: if you are unemployed and you receive benefits in long-term perspective [i.e. you are not just between jobs for three months] why should you have a TV set? If you need money, sell it.


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