Terrorist Attack In Brno? Not Likely

In In The News on November 22, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Three postal workers from Brno had to be taken to the hospital after they had inhaled unidentified substance that leaked from a broken parcel on Thursday evening. So far (9:15 p.m. Thursday, in the original post) no more details are available. The police are investigating whether it was misdemeanor (someone sending something via Czech Post that is forbidden to be mailed) or whether somebody has done it on purpose, knowing the parcel would break and “injure” somebody.

In the Czech Republic in such cases a terrorist attack is ruled out until specified otherwise. In the United States – I am afraid – a terrorist attack is always a huge possibility and people wait in fear and wonder until they are told by the authorities that it is not one. Can’t they turn this principle upside down? Or, inside out?

UPDATE – November 23: According to lab tests it was formaldehyde. Three one-liter glass containers were in the parcel and one broke.


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