Canada Cancelled Visa. CSA Cancels Flights

In Economy on November 26, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Czech Airlines recently announced a dramatic cut-down of its flights to Canada. The Prague – Montreal Mirabel flight will be cancelled altogether and only three flights per week during summer months will remain for the Prague – Toronto flight. The reason? Low passenger numbers…

Ironically enough, a few days ago Canada once again lifted visa regime for Czechs. Wasn’t the flight cancellation worth one more try instead? After all, some airlines did indeed have ghost flights across the Atlantic just to keep the slots to themselves

Speaking of which, there is a regular Ryanair flight between Brno and London. Yesterday there were twenty empty seats. It would be great if people could come to the ticket counter on the last minute and buy the ticket for a symbolical price that THEY offer. It would be either that or nothing and if a passenger only has their cabin luggage and they don’t get any in-flight meal, they could just hitchhike. Kind of like a jumpseat pilot who takes a ride, too… Doesn’t work that way, though…


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