Brno City Hall Sells Old Crap

In Economy on November 28, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

What does the Brno Tourist and Information Center do when it wants to sell old and no longer used assets? It makes a public sale announcement, pursuant to Czech legislation.

Local administration institutions sometimes have to get rid of old things. A normal person can just throw them away. A local administation institution must often “sell” them.

This is ridiculous, funny and absurd. If you look at this list, it includes the following items:

DeskJet 690C printer
bought for 9,726 CZK in 1998
offered for 80 CZK

Christmas tree
bought on December 27, 1990
offered for 2 CZK 

Artificial palm tree
purchase price unknown
offered for 36 CZK

Ceramic bowl
purchase price unknown
offered for 30 CZK

Two-hole punch
bought in 2005 for 85 CZK
offered for 5,50 CZK

What kind of a normally thinking person would go for this offer?

Notice in particular the Christmas tree sale. It was purchased two days after Christmas Eve in 1990. Here is your our local government at work…


One Response to “Brno City Hall Sells Old Crap”

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