Czech MP’s And Their Lazy Asses On Buses

In Economy, Politics on November 28, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Czech Members of Parliament will no longer ride for free on bus lines operated by private companies, a court has ruled Wednesday.

The court found in favor of Student Agency company owner Radim Jancura who refused to have MP’s on board of his buses because he was losing money this way. And so the court said there is no way a law can force private businessmen to “sponsor” MP’s by giving them free rides.

Czech MP’s are very ignorant when it comes to this issue. They get special benefits (thousands of crowns) for transportation, even though they do not take advantage of it.  Some have both free public transportation AND their own car provided to them by the Parliament etc. etc.

According to the ruling the MP’s will now HAVE TO pay for their tickets and they will have them remunerated within the public transportation benefit arrangement.

But still – are these people so fucking poor that they can’t pay their own transportation costs on the way to work? The answer is hell no. They argue by their “public service status”. Well, screw them. Doctors, cops, municipality officials, garbage men, bakers…they all ride trams and subways and they pay for it.  

So it’s good news…

There have been numerous discussions in the Parliament about the necessity to cut down the benefits because the general public hates them. Most MP’s nod their heads in agreement. But when it comes to the vote on this issue, they start backing out.


3 Responses to “Czech MP’s And Their Lazy Asses On Buses”

  1. hehehe…time for dem to start clicking them 14 crown tickets…lol
    nice 1

  2. […] no longer ride for free on bus lines operated by private companies,” the Czech Daily Word reports. Share […]

  3. Are Bakers still state workers in the Czech Republic? Maybe the money they save could go to subsidising the Public Transport in Prague to avoid these recent price hikes! Saying this you Czechs still have excellent Public Transport compared to the UK outside London, one positive Communist legacy.

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