Stop, Or The Lady Will Throw A Hammer

In World on November 30, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Apparently, the Chicago police are now using stun guns against 82-year old people, Jim Freeman noticed. An elderly woman was swinging a hammer when an official from the welfare department arrived at her house. The Internal Affairs department of CPD is now investigating whether the use of the gun was legitimate.

Without wanting to be insensitive, I would have to say that when it comes pensioners in the Czech Republic posing threat to people around them, most often we hear about, well, old drivers. Famous Czech psychiatrist Jan Cimicky calls the behavior that over-70 drivers manifest “senile recklessness” [sorry, Czech only].

There is a widely-popular and many times already proven theory that one should be very careful on the road if one encounters a Skoda 120 car with a driver who is wearing a old-fashioned old man’s hat and who, sometimes, has a box with eggs on the rear window platform….

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