Teachers Will Strike On December 4

In Education & Science on December 1, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Almost all Czech kindergartens, elementary, junior high and high schools should remain closed on Tuesday. Teachers will strike. The main reason is that the Budget Committee of the Czech Parliament did not approve an increase in funds by 3 bln. for the education sector.

This funding proposal was presented by the opposition social democrats but the Budget Committee refused it as such. This year the MP’s from the Social Democratic party refused to take part in the process of “cutting the bear to pieces” [when I think of a better metaphor I will replace it] the purpose of which is to divide state budget “extra money” – they wanted to give the money to the education sector instead.

What a fucking hypocrisy. Why the interest all of a sudden? The answer is very easy. The leftist social democrats who are the biggest fans of the social state [take the money from those who have them and give them to those who could have them as well but are often too lazy to give it a try and to do something about their life] are securing votes for the upcoming elections. And there might very well be early elections… the current coalition is somewhat fragile.

Social democrats played a very significant role in the previous years’ cutting of the bear. And it never seemed wise to them to provide other solutions. These instant ideas are killing the Czech political system. Why? Because these instant ideas are almost always perceived as total bullshit ideas by the opposition which, as soon as it (re)gains power after the elections would immediately terminate the validity and legality of such laws and by-laws.

According to Brnensky denik daily there is one more very significant reason for the strike. Education Minister Dana Kuchtova who recently resigned had raised the wages of her ministerial officialsby 2,000 CZK ($102) whereas the teachers saw only a 200 CZK crown raise in average ($6).


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