The Ridiculous Bear-gate

In In The News on December 1, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Gillian Gibbons did not come to Sudan to become rich, she did not come as a sex tourist and she did not come to insult Islam. She came to teach children. She was a part of a global outreach program because Africa needs help.  And Africa gets help from Europe.

Naming a teddy bead Muhammed was probably a mistake. But this is what happens when religion and legal system (penal code) interfere. This is not unusual. Even in the United States witnesses at courts take the witness oath that includes “so help you God”.

What is NOT usual and normal are herds of men demanding a woman be shot by a firing squad, after a court had ruled she “deserves” only a 15-day sentence.

I think both sides of this diplomatic conflict should do what the other party demands [even though they don’t say it out loud]. The British government should apologize to the people of Sudan and then it should withdraw all its help, charity workers and financial support from Sudan. From what the people in the streets yell, it is obviously exactly what they want.

>>> UPDATE DECEMBER 3: Gibbons was given pardon from the president of Sudan. Applause…


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