Personal McDonald’s Question

In Personal on December 2, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

McDonald’s is a fast-food place where the communication with employees is limited to minimum. You don’t choose from a menu at the table, you don’t get coffee refills, at least not in the Czech Republic.

BUT— can you give TIPS??

What if there is a drop dead gorgeous student working at McDonald’s across the street from your apartment and you just like the way she serves your bacon burger with a smile that is not just the typical corporate-rule smile? Can you reward this by giving a ten-percent tip? Like CZK 135 — make it 150, miss?

Any opinion in the comments section, please. And have a nice Sunday.


2 Responses to “Personal McDonald’s Question”

  1. I somehow doubt that common staff is allowed to keep tips at McDonald. Anyway, the question is, do you want to really show her some kind of affection, or you just want to be nice to a nice girl?

  2. You got that right. I want to, well, hit on her. And giving a tip at McD might be a cool pickup line. 🙂 Or AT LEAST something to break the ice… So hell, I will try it…

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