Security Agency Officer Stole Half A Billion

In In The News on December 3, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

An employee of Group4Securitas Prague security agency is on the loose. With him he has half a BILLION crowns of stolen money (divide by 18 to get the number in U.S. dollars)!!! Plus he is armed.

How can you possibly exchange and make use of such amount unnoticed? The only way is to contact organized crime friends who have their own methods of handling this kind of cash… The man is said to have escaped to Italy…

So far the biggest robbery during with money was stolen took place on September 16, 2002 near a Citibank branch in Prague when three masked men robbed an armored truck at gunpoint and stole 153 million crowns.

Info from a Czech Television evening news broadcast:

The security agency announced a 52-million reward… the police don’t want to say whether the suspect was alone… the armoured van was found later in Prague… the Group4Securitas agency is insured but the insurance company will repay the damages to the agency’s clients only if the investigation shows there was no default on the agency’s side… if this IS the case the clients will have to sue the agency… and given that 500 million was stolen and if the money is NOT found, it is almost for sure that the agency will not have the money to remunerate the damages…


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