Young Drivers Will Have Trial Licenses

In Life on December 5, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

The new Road Transportation Act that should soon be introduced in the Czech Republic includes some novel provisions that have never been used here [sorry, the article is in Czech only].

One of the smartest ones is that newbie drivers should only get their license for a two-year trial period after which they will have to take more courses and test to prove that they learned something – their valuable lesson in being anything but a reckless idiot who thinks he owns the road when he has a brand new car his daddy bought and paid for.

In the Czech Republic a car is still rather a sign of one’s social status. Let alone in case of 18- to 20-year olds.

During my high school studies in the States I noticed that a car is no big deal for the kids. Even football jocks had the worst piece of crap on four wheels and noone cared. And the most average girl who spent most of her time in a library had a Camaro. So what? It’s just a car.

And the kids got their licenses at the age of 16.

The less under-twenty drivers on Czech streets, the better.


2 Responses to “Young Drivers Will Have Trial Licenses”

  1. thats a rather niave and superfical way of looking at the situation in the US. I think a car is a symbol of social status as much as in the Czech Republic but just in a different way. The Czech Republic is very fortunate in that is has very good public transport, even in rural areas, at least when compared to the US. A car is essential for getting about when everything is so far away, while in the Czech Republic Im guessing it has a lot to do with not having to use Public Transport anymore. But in the US cars still act as status symbols – take the Hummer as an example.

  2. The less under-twenty drivers on Czech streets, the better….

    VERY funny, and I agree. You guys are the only nation I know that can turn a 3 point park into a 20 point, taking over 5 minutes!

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