Bad News For Fittipaldi: You Broke The Law

In In The News, Law on December 6, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

A few weeks ago Emerson Fittipaldi visited the Czech Republic.

He was a VIP passenger on the Pendolino high-speed train.

He sat “behind the wheel” for a few minutes. As did Czech racer Tomas Enge.

Now, the Railroad Safety Board has ruled that the Czech Rail company broke the law by allowing a person who is not properly qualified to drive the train.

After the incident the Czech Rail officials tried to convince everybody that the racers were only sitting in the seat and pretending to drive. “No, we have evidence that they indeed increased the speed and slowed down again,” the board spokesman said on Thursday.

It might sound funny but it sure as hell isn’t. The Czech Rail is surely among the Czech companies with the worst reputation. Any incident or a bummer they have – nothing happens. It is a state-run company. And we know what happens if you let somebody drive [or fly] who has no training at all


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