Briton Fired Over A Beer Bash In Prague

In Education & Science, In The News on December 6, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

A British teacher was fired over a beer bash he took part in with his students in Prague. A group of 16- to 17-year old young people had a party and the educator “watched over them”.

We expect higher standards of behavior from our students and employees, the principal of the Dorset school, Stuart Clark, was quoted as saying.

Tough luck. He must have known it was illegal. If some of the kids got injured or killed he could go to jail for eight years (here)…


4 Responses to “Briton Fired Over A Beer Bash In Prague”

  1. As a trespass made by a British citizen, wouldn´t it probably fall under British jurisdiction rather than Czech? Anyway, getting stone drunk with your students is a stupid thing to do. I´m far from being a prude, but a teacher, especially one who´s in charge of watching over kids, should be definitely able to foresee the possible consequences and not take such dumb risks.

  2. The muslim traditionalists are hated not just by us, but by most of non-orthodox muslims as well. How many hundreds of people are executed every month in muslims countries for a less stupid things than taking mohameds name in vein (like a woman talking to stranger can get 100 hits with a lash) This is just a top of an iceberg.

  3. dammit! I posted it to a wrong article :/

  4. could anybody delete that? i feel like an idiot…

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