Czech Man Is “Most Wanted” Number Three

In In The News, Law on December 6, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Czech employee of Group4 Securitas agency Frantisek Prochazka who stole 562 million crowns is the third most wanted man in the world, TV Nova evening news broadcast reported tonight. The reward money is two million euros. More money is offered for Osama bin Laden and some Colombian drug lord whose name I did not catch.

Prochazka should watch his back, law enforcement experts say. People and agencies who specialize in hunting criminals and runaway inmates will go after him. And so will the underworld.

Many people who contribute to discussion forums under news articles say “way to go” and “good luck with the money, buddy” etc. Idiots. Would they tell the same to a mass murderer who’d  kill five people? I don’t think so.

Today he was charged with first-degree robbery as a runaway. If convicted he might spend twelve years in prison…


3 Responses to “Czech Man Is “Most Wanted” Number Three”

  1. YES! WAY to go Frantisek!
    Why politicians get away with robberies on daily basis and a working citizen is haunted this way!
    And how come a SECURITY agency which handles money is unable to prevent such an incident!
    YOU go man, you got the brain!

  2. The fact is that is normal to have anti-establishment feelings on some level. This man has in fact demonstrated considerable brainpower, patience, planning and balls to pull off an astounding robbery. It is, at least on the surface, a victimless crime, without violence.
    For these reasons people feel a cameraderie or at least a romantic sympathy and admiration for him.

    You question whether these admirers would shower him with praise if he had killed 5 people.
    I parry with the concept that if my auntie had a choad she would be my uncle.
    He didnt kill 5 people so leave the out the silly fantasy talk.

    Only a complete brown-nosing scarily consevative fool would fail to feel or admit a spark of sympathy on some deeper level plus find the energy to berate those who still profess to be human and admit to their positive feelings, right or wrong..

  3. I can’t really agree that stealing half a billion crowns (+/-) is equivalent to killing five people. That’s 100,000,000 for each human life.

    How did you come up with that figure Petr?

    MB, the security agency didn’t manage to prevent this incident because Prochazka worked for them and they trusted him.


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