Gott Wins It Again. And The Newcomer Is A Thief

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We know the winners of the Cesky slavik 2007 music awards.

Singer of the year? No surprise at all. Karel Gott. Again. For the 33rd time.

The Czech pop music scene sucks big time. Notwithstanding the fact that Cesky slavik is a popular vote-based award, it is not a good sign of the pop music scene when the same person keeps winning over and over and over even though he or she does not produce new albums every year, or even though a great portion of their discography is made of cover versions.

Gott did not take part in the ceremony because he had a concert in Austria. Typical.

I think Gott has more fans in Germany and Austria than in the Czech Republic, Biene Maja being the most important reason.

Karel Gott is a symbol of Czech pop music who is stuck in the minds of conservative fans who will send him the SMS vote every year from their grandkid’s cell phone. It seems like it is a part of their onthological safety.

He did not win because he would deserveto win. He won because most of the people who voted for him are used to vote for him. Seems like some part of the generation that votes for Gott will have to die out before we can expect any change…

::UPDATE:: Another quite troubling fact about the music awards is that the Newcomer Of The Year Award goes to Josef Vagner — a young man who became famous thanks to the Czech cover version of You Raise Me Up. I thought newcomers who win music awards are supposed to be new, surprising, fresh, original… Well, hell no in the Czech Republic…Czech Google keywords: Josef Vagner Mne silu das mp3 video


4 Responses to “Gott Wins It Again. And The Newcomer Is A Thief”

  1. Oh my. This is a neverending story with czech popmusic – just when you think it can´t possibly get any worse, it does. And it´s not only the case of what older people listen to. I was recently shocked how many people around my age genuinely enjoy the music of Daniel Landa, that painfully untalented and militant nationalist jerk (“I´m not racist, i just prefer a good czech family to be white, not Vietnamese”). Why are we still praising these idiots who are not even good musicians?

  2. My theory:

    1) I think most of the fans of this kind of music have no life. Landa is good at delivering primitive thoughts. If you want the definition of SIMPLE, it’s Landa. And his music make the no-life music fans think that their life MUST have some meaning becuase they believe in something that he believes in.

    2) Czechs are praising these idiots because – as you might have heard from many expats living in the Czech Republic – many of them, especially TV NOVA viewers want nothing but their “pohodicka” (in English, I would say Easy-Does-It). They do not seek culture actively, they just turn on their TV, they collapse on their sofa, and want to be entertained… Let’s not think too much, I am tired after spending all day at work that I hate…

  3. Hate to say it …no…LOVE to say it….but our mainstream culture SUCKS

  4. You´re probably right, listening to Landa is a bit like buying an opinion in a supermarket. You don´t really need to think about it, you just like the packaging and the advert sounds good. Plus, you know that your friends are using the same “product”, so you´re safe from being social outcast. (This brings us back to the onthological safety you were talking about.) I´ve realized that some girls prefer Landa´s music because it makes them feel strong and equal to their boyfriends or just male friends who usually introduced them to this crap. I can´t decide whether I find it more sad or ridiculous.

    And talking about our mainstream culture, I think part of the problem is that we are a small population and the target groups for alternative culture are sometimes simply not large enough. (Although I´m not sure if this explains why the hell is our mainstream SO dreadful.)

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