Parents Television Council: Dangerous Idiots

In Media on December 11, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Last night I watched CSI:Miami. I usually enjoy these investigation shows so I looked up the CSI:Miami entry on Wikipedia because this encyclopedia often provides interesting details on many topics…

And I realized that the Parents Television Council complained many times against the level of violence, sexual content and other things about this show.

Pardon my French but according to my first-hand experience as a journalist and according to what I learned in relation to the CSI:Miami complaints I must say that MOST OF THESE CONSERVATIVE PUBLIC-AWARENESS GROUPS ARE DANGEROUS IDIOTS.

The motto of Parents Television Council is Because our children are watching. That is why they keep sending thousands of complaints about the contents of cop shows and other programs.

Instead of Because our children are watching, I would suggest that this group be given a new motto: Because we are lousy parents who let their children passively watch TV instead of sending them to play some sports, changing the channel, or turning it off altogether.

The Parents Television Council are dangerous idiots because they make people think that if there is a problem someone will stand up and fight for them to solve a problem that DOES NOT EXIST. That is exactly what many U.S. conservative public-awareness groups do. They will fight with TV stations to “help” parents: parents who should snatch a remote away from their kids and give them BOOKS instead.

Let’s repeat the most basic truth: parents are actually very powerful when it comes to fighting with TV stations. They can turn the TV off.

Apparently, the PTC is rating shows. Among “the worst ones” are Dawson’s Creek and The O.C. Oh, yes. Shows about young people dating, having normal problems of normal teenagers and expressing their sexuality [please insert one hundred exclamation marks here]. And what about the “best ones”? Touched By An Angel and 7th Heaven. Religious enlightenment in TV shows? Gotta be kidding. 


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