Prague: 770 Cops Short

In Economy on December 11, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

By the end of the year, five thousand (mostly) uniformed police officers will be missing in the Czech Republic. Of this number, 770 is in Prague. Recruitment processes do not work all that well. Over the last few months people heard nothing but bad news about cops. For example about a law that sets out the salary rules according to which many cops’ net salary will decrease… 

According to news server, many Czech cops seek jobs outside Prague after training because they have less work for almost the same money. According to Deputy Mayor of Prague there is an amendment to the law on the Czech Police according to which the uniformed patrols should no longer deliver court orders (to subpoena witnesses), to transport drunks to detox centers and to guard sport events.

Good idea. If you ask me, alcohol intoxication is NOT a medical condition, so not only cops should ignore drunks (except for those who are violent). So should paramedics.


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