Let’s Break The Law! A Petition Says

In Law on December 12, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

A few dozen Czech personalities among whom are movie directors, some journalists, environmentalists and even some politicians have signed a petition that tells people not to  pay for doctor’s visits or for other medical procedures as of January 1. They claim the new law on medical fees [a few crowns for every appointment, a few crowns per recipe…] is unconstitutional. People should refuse to pay and wait for the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

I think these people are out of their minds.

And the politicians who have joined the petition are, sorry to say this, out of their fucking minds.

In a legal state, in case they forgot, you don’t break the law until you are told you can. It is the other way around… 

A law is VALID until the Constitutional Court rules otherwise. How come the politicians don’t tell people to stop paying taxes, to stop driving under the speed limit and to kill their mother-in-law whom they hate? It is the same thing… Many people hate the fact that THE LAW orders them to pay taxes, to obey the speed limit and to let their mother-in-law live [otherwise it is Murder One]. 


One Response to “Let’s Break The Law! A Petition Says”

  1. HA! (your kidding about the murder one part, eh :}

    Doctors dont make enough here, and the small amount they are requiring should not be contested….ouch.

    Like your views…

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