Bust In College Dorms: Six Arrests

In Education & Science on December 14, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Six people were arrested after a series of police busts against software pirates whose headquarters were in Strahov college dorms in Prague. Hard disks with dozens of terabytes of illegal software were confiscated.

Colleges and their dormitories are generally well-known for data sharing. Students who move in always designate a folder in their computer with data they are willing to share with others in exchange for other people’s data. Students who are connected to the same intranet  can then download photos, clips, music, cracks, everything. The bandwidth limit is usually around 3 GB a day…

Four of the six suspects are being investigated but they have not been sent to a custody cell. The remaining two were. It was not confirmed, however, that all of them are/were students. The dorms where the arrests took place belong to CVUT university that has probably the best connectivity among Czech universities.

It is relatively common for these college intranets to host movies BEFORE their Czech premiere takes place. How? The movies are downloaded from a U.S. site and then amateur-level subtitles are provided here by the people who downloaded. Given that most of them have technical and not social science education, their level of Czech grammar is not that good. And so these subtitles often contain ridiculous mistakes…


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