Top Five Things I Don’t Understand About Sports

In Life, Sports on December 15, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

1. How come that fan violence is limited almost exclusively to soccer? I have never seen fans of two American football clubs fight in the bleachers. I have never heard of two American football hooligan groups arranging a fight before of after the game. In the Czech Republic there are hundreds of brainless individuals in the crowd whose only goal is to yell, punch and fight with the police riot units.

2. How come that violence in the field is almost never subject to criminal prosecution? If you hit your brother in the head with a stick you can go to jail for domestic violence. If you do the same on the ice you get five minutes in the box and the victim gets five stitches.

3. How come Czechs have not discovered baseball yet? There are only a few “first league” teams in the Czech Republic. And quite often both teams in the season finals are from Prague or Brno. There are much weirder United States imports that are much more common than baseball. Like obscure teambuilding parties, for example.

4. Why aren’t illegal substances legal?If some people are stupid enough to severely damage their health and bodies, they should be allowed to do it. Many bodybuilders’ balls are almost nonexistent… Who would feel sorry for a thirty-year old steroid-filled bodybuilder who would die?

5. Why aren’t tennis players conditions equal? It is a well-known fact that female tennis players earn less because the prize money is smaller. Why do they play three-set games? Why not have the same prize money and five-set matches for both sexes? I am sure many spectators would rather watch a five-set match between Sharapova and Vaidisova than any men’s match.


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