Czech Airlines Offer Fear Of Flying Therapy

In Life on December 17, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

Czech Airlines recently introduced a new Airbus A320 cabin simulator for the training of pilots and cabin crew in emergency situations.

And not only that, the airline is going to offer special therapy and courses to people who experience the fear-of-flying syndrome.

I am not a psychologist but I don’t understand how a simulation (when you know you are just pretending) can help you cope with real situations. It is like giving a plush toy to a person who is afraid of dogs and tell them to pet it.

It is obviously prestigious service to prospective clients. But still — Czech Airlines help a person overcome the fear and the first thing the person is gonna do is fly with Sky Europe.


One Response to “Czech Airlines Offer Fear Of Flying Therapy”

  1. It’s hard to understand why these therapies work when they seem so far from reality, but the fact is that they do.
    We help people with a fear of flying by sitting them in a decommisioned aircraft and showing videos, explaining things and letting them hear the sounds of boarding, engines starting and so on…and we’ve succeeded with all but one person in 3 years. Have a look at and LOGBOOK 24/7 a social network for fearful flyers.
    Captain Keith

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