The Penal Code Revolution

In Law on December 19, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

The Czech government has finally passed the draft on the new penal code to the House

And I am surprised how come the legislators did not adopt this thing years ago.

The main changes?

Among the sentences there will be house arrest and relevant restraining orders. People will be controlled with the use of chips and GPS.

People who commit aggression – related crimes and deviants will be held in special detention facilities from which it is hard to escape. According to the current provisions of the penal code most of them were being sent to psychiatric hospitals, from which it is easy to walk away, let alone run away.

And the criminal responsibility age should go from 15 to 14

There must be a reason why this age is TEN (!!!) in the United States in case of federal crimes even though the most common federal offences are kidnapping, mail fraud, aviation safety crimes etc. Ever seen a kid hijack a plane? I think not…

In the Czech Republic the biggest problem with underage criminals [don’t go legal on me on this one, it is just an expression…] is mugging, shoplifting and other forms of petty crimes. Many times parents send their under-15kids to steal things valued under 5,000 CZK. Why? A- if the stolen property is valued under 5,000 it is not a crime but misdemeanor.  And B- a child does not have the criminal liability. So far… But once it is lowered from 15 to 14 it won’t pay off to do it…


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