Jamie-Lynn Spears And Sex Before Marriage

In Life on December 21, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

There is something strange about the discussion on the topic of the pregnancy of U.S. teen star Jaime-Lynn Spears.

No, it is not the fact that she is only sixteen. And it is not the fact that she is the sister of the former princess of music Britney.

It is the way that American kids discuss the girl’s sex life. A certain website I am not going to name – because it is hosted on WordPress and I would promote competitors – has a huge discussion going on that says “this is what happens when you have sex before you get married”.

Really? I could provide a few links on special studies that show what happens when you DON’T HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. Experts in partner counseling write tons of them. And when U.S. kids are taught that the best thing that can happen to them is abstinence, that -I think- is the biggest mistake parents can make.

Sure, getting pregnant at the age of 16 is not a personal victory. But it happens and even teen moms can have healthy kids especially when they earn good money. Better than a frustrated couple who first have sex after they get married, they realize it is not working, and they don’t get divorced because they had made the “for better or worse” promise… 


3 Responses to “Jamie-Lynn Spears And Sex Before Marriage”

  1. So, abstinence is the WORST thing that can happen to teens??? I love it when people drone how abstinence doesn’t work, when judging from stories like this, neither does safe sex education!

    Kids likely won’t abstain? I agree.
    Kids need to be taught safe sex? I agree with that too.

    But both abstinence and safe sex should be taught to young impressionable ones. But to rule out abstinence is foolish and ignorant. Abstinence really is the best way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

  2. The American perspective on sex and marriage is intertwined with religious beliefs and ideology. Untangling it is nye on impossible. Sex before marriage doesn’t mean you will have kids. Sex without contraception means you will have kids!

  3. I have been living with my fiance for a while now
    and see no problem with having sex outside marriage.
    I think it’s wise to chose before you buy!!
    I love my fiance and we have no problem with this.
    I’ve even fallen pg to him and aborted the child so I think I am taking responsibility for myself.

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