Vaclav Klaus Is A Chicken

In Politics on December 24, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

President Vaclav Klaus refused to meet in a televised debate with his only opponent for the 2008 elections – Jan Svejnar. Klaus is nominated by the senior coalition party ODS (Civic Democrats), while Jan Svejnar is nominated by the most popular opposition party, the Social Democrats.

Klaus says that one debate can not make a difference. He also said that a future president should be a famous person whose opinions and views become apparent and well-known over the years. Which is not the case of Jan Svejnar, Klaus said. In a letter to the Chairman of the Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek Klaus wrote (my translation): I understand, Mr. Chairman, that you would be very glad to take the advantage of a TV debate with me to introduce your candidate who is virtually unknown. Go to the TV debate yourself and introduce your candidate.

Klaus is the most conceited and self-wise politician I know. Whenever he does not agree with somebody he talks about false, false and unfair little words and he feels like his personality would not shine in a your-turn-his-turn televised debate. He hates when a TV host interrupts him.

Czech presidents are elected by the Parliament. Klaus does his math and all he has to do is convince lawmakers. He does not care about normal people because a direct televised confrontation would definitely do its job even in case there is no direct vote… Klaus often appears arrogant on TV and Jan Svejnar would definitely, pardon my French, kick his ass. At least on TV…


2 Responses to “Vaclav Klaus Is A Chicken”

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