Hitman Had A Wrong Target. Twice!

In In The News, Law on December 27, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

A few weeks ago a driver working for the CEO of the Sazka state-run lottery company was killed as he was getting out of the company Bentley in Prague. The police now caught the killer and they found out the Russian hitman picked a wrong person to kill. Coincidentally the real target lived nearby and he TOO had a Bentley. His own.

Talk about bad luck? It gets worse…

The investigation shows that the hitman did the same thing (mistake) once before! Shortly before this murder he stabbed another man in downtown Prague, mistakenly thinking that the victim was a Russian businessman that he had been after.

The killer is in custody for murder one and one attempted murder…

I think he is in a way lucky to be in jail… For two botched jobs I think his clients will go after him…

By the way, the cops caught him on December 23. So if you thought police investigators take a break one day before Christmas from catching criminals….


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