January 2008: Huge Healthcare Changes

In Economy on December 30, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

As of January 1 there will be huge changes in the Czech healthcare system. Patients will pay fees for every visit (doctor, emergency room, dentist…). There will also be fees for every doctor-issued recipes, there will be a per-day fee for one day in a hospital.

The government wants to stop the huge money wasting process in healthcare – in relation to the first two named measures. It is a widely known fact that people waste tons of medication(s), or that they visit a doctor with every little thing they should be able to help themselves with. Plus thousands of elderly people only visit a doctor to make it a social event that contributes to the structure of their lives. The Czech healthcare system is rather socialist to a large extent and this has to stop otherwise it will collapse. The idea that some people still cherish that having a health insurance means that they don’t have to care and that they will get everything for free when something happens is way off.

So as of Tuesday there will be either vending machines selling special coupons, or checks, or people will pay in cash to the nurse who will issue a piece of paper [still undetermined, how to call these] confirming that the patient has indeed paid.

If you ask me, one issue has been omitted from the healthcare reform. Some categories of irresponsible people ought to pay EVERYTHING. If you go skiing and you injure your head as a result of NOT wearing a helmet? No insurance, you pay for everything. Do you drive while intoxicated and crash into a tree? Forget insurance. It is the same with property insurance, why should a body be any different? 


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