Bad Day Of A Fake Beggar

In Life on January 2, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Now, this is bad luck…

Two men tried to make some money in the Czech town of Kladno. So one sat down in a wheelchair on a busy street and he put a hat and a sign that said “Please give me some money for an operation” on the sidewalk.

When two cops approached the man, he tried to pretend not to understand a word of Czech. So he pretended he is from Hungary. But coincidentally one of the cops could speak fluent Hungarian so the guy was busted.

It doesn’t end here… as the two men were leaving the scene, the fake beggar stood up from the wheelchair and started walking which was caught on a police camera so the two cops who busted the men earlier caught them again…

Any mathematician who could count the odds of randomly picking a nationality when dealing with cops AND the odds of one of the cops being able to speak that particular language? Let alone Hungarian…


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