Olympic Champion Refused To Become A News Anchor

In Media on January 6, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Czech Olympic champion Ales Valenta reportedly got an offer from TV Prima (third most popular Czech TV station) to become its evening news anchorperson. He refused. However negotiations on some other kind of cooperation are taking place these days, Valenta said.

Pavel Zuna, who is the News Director at TV Prima, must be out of his mind. Only a sick mind can offer an evening news broadcast to a person who has NEVER had anything to do with professional journalism. And if it was not Zuna’s idea, which I think it was, he should have resigned the minute he heard this stupid idea. How credible can such a person be? How can a normally thinking viewer accept and contemplate anything that is being said in a news program when it is being said by a person who spent most of his professional career skiing?!?!?!?!

Sure, the Czech media scene is missing middle-aged generation that would not be linked with the pre-1989 journalism, and it is quite common for TV news anchors in the Czech Republic to be of the age of CNN interns, but this is too much…

Any chance Wolf Blitzer speaks Czech?? 

UPDATE LATER ON THAT DAY: Obviously this offer has been made to Valenta by the Executive Director of the station Petr Chajda… How come Zuna did not tell him how fucked-up this idea is?


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