Czech Government Says Yes To Tuition

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First some explanation: there is absolutely NO tuition at Czech public colleges and universities.

The issue of introduction of tuition at public colleges and universities is not at all new and all previous governments had to deal with it somehow. But the current government now says that they will try to enforce tuition during their term, which means within three years.

As usual in the Czech politics, such issues usually rock the coalition. The Green Party¬†promised prior to the elections that there will be no tuition, by which they made friends with, well, less rich young voters. But at the same time the Education Minister for the Green Party Ondrej Liska says he could imagine some tuition scheme that could be implemented… Talk about one-party-one-voice….

According to a poll made by the news server and the Pravo daily (the news server belongs to the daily), over 75 percent of students would accept some form of tuition. However, they add, the quality of education would have to improve, too.

Presidential candidate, University of Michigan economist Jan Svejnar, says yes to tuition. Well, duh!

Many students argue that the introduction of tuition could open the schools to those who really want to study. Under the current conditions there are many young people who only study “to make their youth longer” because it does not cost them anything. Any many young people try randomly several schools.


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  1. Interesting, I just wrote a post about the tuition in other countries! They have been so lucky for so many years to be able to pay no tuition. I feel bad for them though because if I was in their situation, I wouldn’t want to pay tuition either. It seems like without tuition though, students are just stalling their lives.

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