MP: Corruption In Presidential Elections

In Politics on January 12, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

This is what happens when people do not elect their president directly, this is what happens when 281 MP’s elect him. Or her…

Former Health Minister and current opposition MP for Social Democrats David Rath says that “rumor has it in the Parliament that somebody is trying to bribe Social Democrat MP’s to vote for Vaclav Klaus“, who is nominated by the senior coalition party – ODS. Social Democrats have their own candidate, University of Michigan professor Jan Svejnar…

Big surprise! Somebody actually admits that there is something rotten about the presidential elections…

Trying to bribe a politician to vote for the presidential candidate the person offering the bribe wishes to have in the Prague Castle is just as damn stupid as to have the indirect vote itself.

Somebody should remind David Rath that Social Democrats tried to choose their candidate three times. One said no, the other one backed out, the third one did his math and realized he would not have a chance…  In other words, the Social Democrats were so pathetically desperate that they served their voters three different men and tested the reactions, just like new sitcoms are being test-screened… Social Democrat MP’s are obliged to vote for the party’s candidate. Which also means that the MP’s had to accept four different persons who were presented as the best candidate…

And it is no surprise that David Rath, MP suggested that president be elected by general vote.


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