You Kiss A Boy, You Get Punished

In Life on January 12, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

A six-year old girl from Buffalo, NY was suspended from riding a bus to school for three days for – get this – kissing a boy!

I don’t understand how the country can still function after such terrible terrible thing happened there. The people should have been back on trees and eating bananas just about now!

The school authorities saw it on a surveillance camera.

Something is very strange about the level of observance over the moral behavior when you start punishing kids for such things. And something is very strange about a country that forbids people to do things that do not hurt anyone and that just offend those ultra-conservative uptight “good citizens”. It starts with something like the aforementioned little incident and it leads to, let’s say, forbidding people in public pools from wearing Speedos and bikini.


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