Czech Yokels Go Abroad

In Czechs on January 13, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

This is my third day on Gran Canaria and I haven’t seen a single Czech person since I got off the plane on Saturday evening. Some people who were on the same plane were being total yokels when checking in, when boarding and especially as they were checking in in the hotel. Middle-aged overweight couples who don’t speak a word of any foreign language. When the receptionist asked them a very simple question they just stood there and stared blankly and it took the guy about thirty seconds to break the silence and ask his wife Hey, mom, any idea what he wants?

In case you don’t know, middle-aged Czech yokels [not-so bright people with low education levels and lousy jobs] call each other mom [vocative singular “mamo“] or dad [vocative singular “tato“].

The worst thing that followed was that the male yokel tried to explain his problem to the receptionist in Czech. And he thought he would make himself clear by repeating words and speaking louder. I haven’t felt more awkward in months and I was this close to leaving the line but I realized I have to wait to check-in…


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